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The Chinese at the 1909 A-Y-P Exposition   
I created this blog in 2009 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition in Seattle, Washington. The blog is about the Chinese workers and promoters of AYPE, the visiting dignitaries and their families, the local and out-of-town Chinese who attended the fair, China Day and its parade and dragon, the Chinese acrobats, the Chinese Village, and many of the Chinese who were a part of the AYPE. If you have an ancestor who attended the fair, or if you have stories, artifacts or photos you would like to share, it would be fun to hear from you at
Although the blog is no longer active, I will keep it on the internet since it has information about the Chinese in Seattle in 1909.

Chinese American Eyes
Famous, forgotten, well-known, and obscure visual artists of Chinese descent in the United States by Alex Jay

The Blue, the Gray and the Chinese
American Civil War Participants of Chinese Descent by Alex Jay

Chinese Exclusion Act Records: A Neglected Genealogical Source

“6 Portlanders’ family stories of exclusion for being Chinese,” by Amy Wang, The Oregonian/ OregonLive , 26 February 2016.

“I think I am going to fly : Chinese Pilots Trained in Portland During the 1930s,” Oregon Historical Quarterly, 122:4 (Winter 2021), 532-545.

“Rediscovering Toy Kee’s True Son: Chinese Immigration and Federal Bureaucracy Documented in Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files,” Oregon Historical Quarterly, 122:4 (Winter 2021), 442-455.

“Felix W. McGettrick and the Chinese Exclusion Act,” Irish Lives Remembered, Spring 2020, 88-91.

Send me your suggestions for links to Chinese Exclusion Act case files resources.

4 thoughts on “Links to Resources

  1. I am trying to hunt down my Grandfather’s files and his family. On it says he is in the Honolulu files. Might you be able to help guide me to a resources where I can get my hands on his actual files and our other family members?


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