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Hom Toy Hop and family

Hom Toy Hop family photo
Hom Toy Hop family photo, 1921, Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Hom Toy Hop Foy file, Box 939, Case 7032/1755.

1921 photo of Hom Toy Hop, her husband, James Yee Quil, and their children, Rosalie, age 7; Grace, 6; Joseph, 4; and Howard, 22 months. They were living at 824 Penn Avenue, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Hom Toy Hop was born in Sunning, Kwangtung, China about 1885.
The family applied for return certificates in 1921 and were approved but they did not leave at that time.
In 1932 Hom Toy Hop applied again to leave. She had another daughter by then, Evelyn Yee Quil. They departed from Seattle, on 11 June 1932 on the SS President Jefferson and returned on SS President Taft in April 1933.