3 thoughts on “Chin Hai Soon (aka Chan Mei Chen) and her family

  1. It was a fact of life with Southern Chinese families – there were no adult males in this early 1969 picture because the men had all rushed off to seek a fortune / ‘gold’ in America, leaving the women behind. This was taken in a photographic studio near Num Bin Toon (pronounced in the Toisan dialect) / Nom Bing Chuen (in Cantonese) – the YEE / YU village, in Sei Yup (the 4 counties).

    BACK ROW (L-R): Grandmother’s aunt in-law (the wife of my grandmother’s husband’s youngest uncle) Mrs YEE / YU, grandmother’s daughter YU Siu Kuen
    FRONT ROW (L-R): Grandmother’s 2 grandson’s YU Hon Hung & YU Hon Ming, grandmother’s daughter in-law SEETO So Chung, CHIN Hai Soon / CHAN Mei Chen, new-born Clara Yuen Fong YU, and a granddaughter of Mrs YEE / YU

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