Update on Donaldina Cameron and the Ming Quong Home

Elena B. Wong Viscovich, Ed.D, sent me a clarification and update on the original 3/21/2016 blog entry on Donaldina Cameron and the children at the Ming Quong Home.

Ming Quong Home was established 1925 for girls that were orphans, half-orphans, children of divorce, unwanted by a step-parent, or because of mental, physical health of parents, and of refugee status, etc. The children at Ming Quong Home were not prostitutes, orphans of prostitutes, nor illegitimate children. 

Photo from The Story of the Ming Quong Home website

For a more complete story about the Ming Quong Home, please go to “The Story of the Ming Quong Homes” and its citations by Elena B. Wong Viscovich, Ed.D, a Ming Quong alumna. While researching the Ming Quong Home, Dr. Wong Viscovich found the original log listing the names of the girls at Ming Quong. She then helped redesign the contents of the Ming Quong Museum Room at the Pacific Clinics property in 2021. The log listed the reasons for placement which is mentioned above.

3 thoughts on “Update on Donaldina Cameron and the Ming Quong Home

    1. There is a link to the article in the post. It says, “The original Ming Quong Home on the Mills estate was sold, and two new campuses were opened. Near Oakland Chinatown, at 51 9th Street, the campus for older girls was built in 1935. The other facility was established in the south bay hills of Los Gatos at 499 Loma Alto Avenue. This was in 1934 and was for the younger girls and those having health problems.”


  1. How fascinating that one of the homes was on the site of Mills College (where I have spent some time). Never knew this. Interesting that the college was founded for girls (women), although that has changed somewhat. I read that the college was set up on that site in 1871, meaning it was co-located with the children’s home.


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