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Photo of Eng Sing
Cropped photo of Eng Sing from family photo, ca. 1914, Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Eng Sing file, Box 225, Case 4280/10-15.

[Eng Sing has a standard Chinese haircut for that time period. Traditionally the baby’s head was completely shaved except a little topknot in the crown of his head. A “Shaving Feast” may have been held for Eng Sing when he was one-month old. At the feast an elaborate meal would be served for many guests. An article, from a Caucasian prospective, published on 3 March 1912 in the Dallas Morning News describes a feast with a fourteen-course meal with turtle, bacon, roast duck, eel, bamboo sprouts, pigeon, abalone and other exotic foods.]

See “A Chinese Shaving Feast,” Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX), 3 March 1912, Section 3, page 3; Newspaper. Online at,, accessed 9 Sept 2015.