1904 Birth Certificate Henry Lee

Birth Certificate for Lee Henry 1904
Lee Wing (Henry Lee), Certificate of Birth, San Francisco, CA; 29 April 1904, Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Box 593, Case 7030/5483.

No. 77, Certificate of Birth, Department of Public Health, City of and County of San Francisco, State of California
Register No. 4668, Volume K, page 84
Name: Lee, Henry, sex: Male, Race: Mongolian, Date of Birth: March 29th 1904
Name of father: Lee, Charles, Name of mother [before marriage]: Mary Sullivan
Nativity of Father: China, nativity of Mother: Ireland, Occupation of parent: cook
Residence of parents: 922 Washington St., name of physician or midwife: M. G. Warley, M.D.
signed 29th day of April A.D. 1904, D. F. Ragan, M.D., Health Officer

Henry Lee was living in Chicago in 1933.

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