Hong Chow – 1918 Draft Registration Card

Hong Chow WWI Draft Card
Hong Chow, 1918 Draft Registration Certificate, 12 September 1918, Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Box 438, Case 7030/873

Side A:
Hong Chow (Hong Chon Deow) P. M. G. O. Form No. 68, Registration Certificate
To whom it may concern, Greetings:
THESE PRESENTS ATTEST. That in accordance with the proclamation of the President of the United States, and in compliance with law, Hong Chow, 431 South Clark St., Chicago, Ill. has submitted himself to registration and has by me been duly registered this 12th day of Sept. 1918, under the supervision of the Local Board designated on the back hereof. [signed] O. C. Wells, Registrar
Side B:
Local Board Division No. 1, Room 122 county Bldg., Chicago, Illinois

Hong Chow’ file shows that he was born in San Francisco about 1874. His most recent entry to the U.S. was at the Port of Seattle on 17 October 1930 on the Princess Marguerite. He was living in Pocatello, Idaho at that time.

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