Mrs. Lum Sue – lost her American citizenship

Lum Sue Form 432 1926

Mrs. Lum Sue (Wong Fong How), photo on Form 432, 1926, Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Mrs. Lum Sue file, Portland, Box 68, Case 5010/411.

letter regarding Mrs. Lum Sue
Mrs. Lum Sue (Wong Fong How), “Letter from U.S. Department of Labor to Commissioner of Immigration, Seattle,” 1926, CEA files, RG 85, NARA-Seattle, Mrs. Lum Sue file, Portland, Box 68, Case 5010/411.








Mrs. Lum Sue (Wong Fong How) of Astoria, Oregon was born in Redland, California about 1898. When she married Lum Sue, a Chinese native, on 27 April 1914 in Los Angeles, she lost her American citizenship. In 1926 they were living in Astoria, Oregon with their three children, Anna, 11 years; Flora, 10 years; and John, 8 years. The children were all born in Astoria. Lum Sue was manager of the Lum Quing grocery store.

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Lum Sue – lost her American citizenship

  1. Trish..This is so great!!!!!!!   I spent a great deal of time with one of the later daughters,Nancy, who was married to my cousin Harlan  both of them have passed away. There is still family around, so I will e mail this on to them.  Are there any referring folders?  Loretta


  2. Trish, my grandmother, Emma, lost her citizenship by marrying a Dane who didn’t become naturalized until 1916. I sent for her naturalization papers and there weren’t any. I think she just ignored the law (easy to do in a small town and when she couldn’t vote any way.) My aunt, however, described Emma as feisty and very political. She could not imagine her not vo
    tng once the bill was passed allowing women to vote. Again, the privilege of her race allowed her to ignore the law and vote anyway. Great post. I love them all.

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