Thomas C Tong – KSAN radio engineer and manager in SF

Tong Chun Choy Business Card Radio
“Tong Chun Choy, Form 430 photo and business card,” 1943, Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Tong Chum Choy (Thomas C. Tong) case file, Seattle Box 828, file 7030/13667.
In January 1943 Thomas C Tong, age 33, of San Francisco, CA, applied for approval of his Form 430, Application of Alleged American Citizen of the Chinese Race for Pre-investigation of Status, so he could spend a long weekend in Canada. The San Francisco immigration office forwarded Thomas’ file 14726/11-23 and his Certificate of identity #63178 to Seattle for review.
Thomas Choy Chun (Tong Chun Choy 唐春才) was born in Lung Gan village, Yin Ping District, China on 16 January 1912 and arrived in the U.S. in 1915. He married May Chin, a native of San Francisco. They had a son, Byron Tong, born 27 November 1935. Thomas was a radio engineer and manager with “Chinese Hour” at KSAN, 1420 kc, 846 Clay Street in San Francisco.
Tong presented his permit to depart from the United States for a period of 30 days, Order No. 4128, Serial No. 4997, Local [Draft] Board No. 76, San Francisco, dated, 27 January 1943 to San Francisco Immigration; the permit was noted and returned to him.
According to R. P. Bonham, Seattle Immigration District Director, Tong Chun Choy left San Francisco on 9 Feb on the SS Princess Alice, destined for Canada only. Tong returned and was readmitted at Blaine, Washington on 13 February 1943.

4 thoughts on “Thomas C Tong – KSAN radio engineer and manager in SF

  1. Ms. Nicola: Your research and posts are fascinating and informative. I always enjoy reading them. They have helped me in my research for the manuscript I have been working on regarding my own “paper son” family.

    I’m wondering, is there a similar Exclusion Act Case Files website based on archives in California, and more specifically, Southern California? My father and brother were both detained at the “quarantine” facility at Terminal Island in San Pedro. Many Chinese came through there. I have secured records from the INS and DOJ pertaining to my father, but there are many stories of Chinese who came through Terminal Island. I’d love to learn more of these accounts. Is there a website similar to yours, based on archives in CA?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this, and thanks for your posts!

    Benson Low


  2. Thomas and his wife May Chin have an easement on a property I just bought. It was granted to them in 1992, so he would’ve been 82 y.o. at the time.

    According to our neighbor, this may be the couple who own a large plot of land on Tunitas Creek in Half Moon Bay. According to a neighbor and the realtor, this plot of land is something like 30 acres has a small village on it complete with a pool and several living quarters. Unfortunately, it has since been abandoned and has been vandalized.

    I’ll hike out in search as soon as I can.


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