Doctor Yamei Kin – Soybean Researcher and Lecturer

Yamei Kin 1917 photo
“Photo of Yamei Kin, Form 431,1917,” Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Yamei Kin file, Seattle, Box1241, Case 35398/2-1

Yamei Kin was admitted to the United States in Seattle on 16 October 1917, as a returning teacher or doctor. Mrs. Kin was sent to China by her employer, the U.S. Department of Agriculture “to make certain very important investigations and researches regarding food for said Department, especially with regard to the food value and methods of preparing and using the soy-bean.” According to the report she would be living in New York City and was a well-educated and accomplished woman.
In the report Kin is referred to as “Mrs. Doctor” and sometimes “Mrs.” On this trip she was accompanied by Wie Chuan Liang, 19-year-old, Section 6 traveller. He worked with his father on his farm until he was 17 then worked for Mr. Hansen at a Methodist Mission. He came to the U.S. to assist Dr. Kin in preparing or compounding different soybean preparations. Although the Chinese inspectors didn’t think Wie Chuan Liang was properly admissible under the Chinese exclusion law they admitted him because of instructions from the American Consul-General at Shanghai to the Bureau of Immigration and the Department of Agriculture.
A letter from the Commissioner-General was sent “directing all immigration officials, and requesting all other Government officials with whom she may come in contact either in this country or abroad, to assist her in every needed and possible manner…”

[To find out more about Dr. Yamei Kin, Google “Yamei Kin and soybeans.” Or go to Biography of Yamei Kin M.D. (1864-1934) compiled by William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi at ]

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