Aileen Cumyow – Canadian Chinese with a Seattle Case file

Women’s History Month – Aileen’s Chinese Case File

Check out Linda Yip’s Past Presence website. It includes everything you would like to know about the Canadian Chinese Exclusion Act and genealogy in general.
The March 8, 2020 entry for Women’s History Month features Aileen Won Cumyow.
Aileen, a resident of Vancouver, B.C. was applying to visit Seattle, Washington in June 1925.

Affidavit of Aileen Won Cumyow, 4 Jun 1925, sworn before William Green, Notary Public for Vancouver. RG 85, Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files, Seattle District, File 7022/9-I, Aileen Won Cumyow, Chinese Showboat Co. Page 43 of 49 total documents.

Linda Yip obtained Aileen Won Cumyow’s file from the National Archives at Seattle and wrote up Aileen’s story. It is a fascinating read.

3 thoughts on “Aileen Cumyow – Canadian Chinese with a Seattle Case file

  1. It’s an honour to be mentioned here – thank you. I’ve been following Chinese Canadian stories for years but only recently learned just what a rich resource the American Chinese Exclusion Case files are for CANADIANS. If I had one wish, it would be knowing this fact years ago when I was travelling around and visiting friends in Seattle! I’m sure I could easily spend a week in the Seattle Archives and still have more to find. Thanks again for all your work.

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      1. There’s one thing the virus is underlining for me: focus on what matters. I will come to Seattle – it’s a promise. I look forward to seeing you. Let’s meet near the water, breathe in the salty air, drink a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee and celebrate being able to walk around.


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