Hurley Hospital, Flint Michigan – Dr. Florence Hwang, Intern

Hwang Wai Ching Florence Hurley Hospital
Photo of Hurley Hospital, Flint, Michigan, 1936, Chinese Exclusion Act case files, RG 85, National Archives-Seattle, Hwang Wai Ching Florence, Seattle, Box 994, Case 7032/3262.

Information included with the photo of the hospital for 1936 Internships: “In addition to board, room and laundry, interns are allowed $300 a year, paid $10 on the 3rd and $10 on the 18th of each month, and $60 on completion of the full twelve months rotative service.”

“Internships are open both to men and to women, divided usually 12 men and 2 women.”

Dr. Hwang Wai Ching or Dr. Florence Hwang was an intern at the University of Michigan Hospital and Hurley Hospital. In 1936 she was applying for a re-entry permit so she could visit China and return to the U.S. after her visit. Since she was no longer a student she could not use the student exemption in the Chinese Exclusion Act. A physician was not exempt from the Act.
After more than a month of wrangling with the immigration service and several letters of recommendation, Dr. Hwang Wait Ching (Florence) was issued a return permit. It was determined that she was still taking courses during her internship so she was granted a permit with student status.

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